Commenting system: integrate Discourse and Webflow


I can see there are ways to integrate Discourse as the commenting system for Wordpress and Ghost, which is really impressive and awesome. The company i work for originally choose Ghost as the platform to deploy our blog but recently they changed their mind and now we want to use Webflow as our blog system.

I can’t find any resource regarding an effective integration between Discourse as the commenting system in a Webflow blog but we really want to keep the possibility of having a system which works kinda Ghost+Discourse integration where a new article in Ghost blog turns into a nice topic in Discourse forum and comments are done via Discourse and updated on blog.

Is there a way we can integrate this way a Webflow blog with Discourse? No Zapier please :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!!


Did you try following instructions at Embedding Discourse Comments via Javascript ?


Will try that solution. Thanks! :pray:

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