Community Moderator Elections-Are they coming soon?

(Charlie) #1


I was wondering when Mod elections will be rolled out to all Discourse communities!
This would be great as a lot of sites are growing and need the help, but users would feel that they have more of a say in what goes, which would help a lot of communities and the way people feel about their community!

Is there any sort of timeline for this? @codinghorror @sam
I feel it is needed and would be a great feature which would take community involvement on Discourse sites to the next level, which a lot of people would like.
It has been successful in Stack Exchange, so why not implement this here?

(mountain) #2

You mean, a way for the community members to elect moderators?

Why not use the poll feature? Open a topic, stick a poll with candidates and let the users decide that way.

(Charlie) #3

I meant more of widespread and organised system! It’s a way around it though I suppose!

(mountain) #4

What are the benefits of a dedicated system? The administrator should be able to approve appointed moderators and using the topic+poll idea I mentioned above covers that need.

(Dave McClure) #5

While a given community may wish to organize itself along more democratic lines, each community that uses discourse as the software to power its forums manages itself and has no implicit affiliation to the discourse organization.

So it doesn’t really make sense to have a widespread system for this type of thing.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

No plans for this in the next 12 months. It took us several years to get to this on stack so I would not hold your breath. Eventually, maybe in a few years.