Comparing Group memberships

I have members in trust level 0 and some of them in trust level 1 - how do I compare the two groups easily and quickly to see who’s in 0 but not in 1?

How big is your community?

If the numbers are small you can just compare the groups in two browser tabs:

If we’re talking about hundreds of users this sounds like a good use for #plugin:data-explorer


I was just wondering if there was some filter or something. But yes I guess I could do that.

Data Explorer can definitely do this - is it enabled on your installation?

No I think I need business subscription for that

What problem are you trying to solve that knowing who isn’t in TL1?

When I invite members, they become trust level 1 but if they sign up and are approved to be members, they’re only trust level 0

On the admin dashboard, there is a Trust Level section. You can click on each trust level to get a list of members of that specific trust level.


:man_facepalming: that’s right, I’d forgotten that those views don’t list accounts who hold higher levels. So the TL0 list won’t show anyone who is also TL1.

Easily the best solution.


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