Is it possible to get a list of users by trust level?

Let’s say I want to get a list of users who have a certain trust level. Is this doable? I could search for posts from users of a certain trust level e.g.:

@trust_level_4 order:latest

but this doesn’t get me users who haven’t posted, and there’s a lot of clutter to sort through. I’m looking for something similar to the Users page for each trust level, and maybe for the default groups (staff, admin, moderators) as well. I tried using @trust_level_4 in Users’ filter, but it didn’t work because it only supports searching for text in names.

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Silly me – I should have tried messing around with the groups page more before posting this. These kinds of groups don’t show up in the group list, but you can view them by manually entering their name in the address bar e.g.


It’s possible even for Moderators with access to Dashboard.

Just click on the value below user level and you’ll get a full list:


Hi, sorry for resurrecting this (but I thought that is better than making a new topic):
how can I see which users are ONLY in Level 0? All level 1 users are also listed as level 0 users, which is not interesting info IMO. I want to find those few people who are stuck in level 0 and reach out to them, without needing to crossreference the lists of 1 vs 0 manually.

This links in the admin dashboard give you a user list per trust level


Click on the numbers to see.


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