Group page option to see members of (eg) "TL0 but not any higher levels"

Continuing the discussion from Get list of posters and trust levels:

On the groups pages, for the numbered trust levels (TL0-4) eg /g/trust_level_0?, it would be good to be able to see those who are:

  • In TL0 but not any higher levels
  • In TL1 but not any higher levels
  • Etc…

Currently, for example, because all TL1+ users are also still in TL0, the TL0 list shows all TL1+ users as well, so is really just a list of all forum members.

For that purpose you might use /admin/users/list/newuser or basic|member|regular|leader
There is also a dashboard report https://your.domain/admin/reports/users_by_trust_level


Thank you. This is a decent answer to my question as stated. It does seem odd that the sets of lists are so different. But what I like about the lists I mentioned is that they show “Last posted” which is absent from the lists you mentioned. So I’d still like the suggested feature. I should have put this in the #feature category and will do that now.

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Just to add some visuals, you mean this page, but with a ‘last posted’ column included?

Would there be any value in also including a ‘last participated’ column too? Something that could catch people Liking or Reacting, etc things as well?