Compatibility of Discourse with Netsons servers

Dear users,
I loved Discourse from the moment I set my eyes on it, but before I screw my website (powdered by Wordpress) up badly, I wanted to be assured of the compatibility of its software on my server provider.
My WP website runs on Netsons:
Anyone knows this server and has tried working in this conditions, or I should give up before even starting?

It’s easiest to install Discourse on another server, so you won’t break your WordPress site.

I believe that their cloud server should work.

Thank you for your answer.

As you stated, Netsons has a cloud - but which would work best (or at all), VPS or Cloud Server?

Assuming you can get root access and install Docker, you should be fine. Based on price, you should go with the VPS. Cloud server costs greater than €15 per month.

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