Component/plugin to show most active topics?

Looking to add 2 feeds to the top of the homepage for my forum:

  • Newly Diagnosed: used Showcased Categories component with a Category filter)
  • Most Active: need to find way of listing the topics with most replies in last 30 days)

I’ve mocked it up at: but I’d appreciate suggestions for how to list only the most active topics across all categories. Thanks!

You could use ‘Top’ and set all the multiplier settings to zero. That would get you (at least very close) to “Topics with most replies” without having to do anything more fancy?:


I thought maybe you could also use

But I think it shows topics created in the past month and not all topics which got a lot of replies.

Which is precisely why you need to change the settings as I indicated.

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We did a component that extends the options of the Showcased Categories component:

E.g. I use it like that:

I guess that’s just what you want to do?

Thanks, the Versatile Showcase looks like the best solution!

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