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The component lets you filter custom topic lists and showcase them on your forum.

Default look

Settings Editor


For CSS styling the component structure is:

.featured-lists {
  &__wrapper { }

  &__list-container { }

  &__list-header { }

  &__list-body { }

For example you could style an old-school board look:

Or modern minimal panels:

If you do custom styles, please share them on this topic! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:


Hi, how can i prevent the about the category topic from being displaed in the featured lists?

Also is it possible to hide a row if there is no topics within it? For example if i use a row for New topics it shows empty with the row information but no topics.

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Thanks for the feedback! I just updated the component, so it doesn’t render empty lists.

I don’t see a dedicated class for the about topics. But you could use a style declaration to hide pinned topics from the featured lists:

.featured-lists__list-body .topic-list-item.pinned {
  display: none;
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Thanks for the update, it works out great. Is it possible in the future that the post button by more actually posts to the designated category for the corresponding row?

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That should already work like this:

  • If you set a category or a tag the composer will pre-fill either or both.

  • If the list has no set category, the composer will pre-fill with the value from the site-wide setting default composer category:

How does it not work for you?


Nice component @nolo, I really like this, especially how easily customizable you made it so it can be adapted to other themes. Great work and thanks for sharing! :clap: :slight_smile:


Hi yes this works, what I was asking is if I set a category on a row that is different from the default one in admin, can a person who clicks post go to that category and not the one set in the admin settings?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve… could you explain it with an example?

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If I set show on to Everywhere
How to hide Featured Lists when opening topics of a specific category?

You could either fork the component and add your specific condition to discourse-featured-lists/javascripts/discourse/components/featured-lists-wrapper.gjs at main · nolosb/discourse-featured-lists · GitHub.

Or just use some CSS declarations to hide the component on your specific categories.

This theme-component is awesome! Apologies for necroing this topic, but I have a question about this component.

Would it be possible to display categories instead of topics?

For example, instead of this list body containing four different topics, it would contain four different categories, and clicking on one of them would direct you to that category.

A nice plugin - thanks! In the plugin editor, I tried to increase the display count from 3 to 5. It saves, but then it reverts to 3, even though several categories have more than 3 items. Is there a way to override the max=3, or another approach to achieve this?

With the editor you have to save twice, once on the editor window:


And then again on the component’s main page:


Maybe that’s causing your issue? Setting any number of topics works fine for me.


That was exactly it; I missed that step. Thank you very much for your speedy reply and very useful plugin.