Versatile Showcase

This component lets you feed diverse topic lists on your homepage. The default look:

On the component settings you can define the feed lists and the outlet postition:

The feed list format is a bit advanced and you have to understand a few list concepts of Discourse to make good use of it. You set the

  • feed title
  • list length
  • list filter (latest,top,unread,…)
  • tag filter (as defined by the tag slug)
  • category filter (as defined by the category id)
  • feed link (where clicking the More button takes you)

Lists are set up as flex-boxes, so when there’s only one it will stretch out by default:

:+1: Credits: The component is a spin-off from Showcased Categories. @Ahmed_Gagan extended the functionality and I rewrote the architecture. In the end we changed so much that it’s not compatible any more.


Cool plugin, makes the homepage feel more interactive.

I have two, maybe three suggestions:

  1. add a discovery-list-container-bottom outlet
  2. increase width of title first column when multiple lists are side-by-side
  3. optionally configure more than two lists per row?
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Thanks for the suggestions @Zup!

I don’t think I’ll add more outlets as I already have three on it. If you need a specific one you’d need to fork and add it there.

The lists are flexboxes. You can change the flex behavior with CSS and get more or just one list per row.

If you mean this, then yeah, I should adjust the width there better :+1: