Versatile Showcase

This component lets you feed diverse topic lists on your homepage. The default look:

On the component settings you can define the feed lists and the outlet postition:

The feed list format is a bit advanced and you have to understand a few list concepts of Discourse to make good use of it. You set the

  • feed title
  • list length
  • list filter (latest,top,unread,…)
  • tag filter (as defined by the tag slug)
  • category filter (as defined by the category id)
  • feed link (where clicking the More button takes you)

Lists are set up as flex-boxes, so when there’s only one it will stretch out by default:

:+1: Credits: The component is a spin-off from Showcased Categories. @Ahmed_Gagan extended the functionality and I rewrote the architecture. In the end we changed so much that it’s not compatible any more.