Composer loses focus and keyboard closes after sending chat message on Android

So, on iOS when sending a message the keyboard stays up. On Android after sending the keyboard goes back down so it does not allow fast chatting.

Which is the right behavior?


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@JammyDodger thanks for all your help! One thing I noticed - on my Android phone sending takes the keyboard right down, and on iOS it stays up so you can keep messaging quickly. Is this on purpose or a bug?


Excellent question :slightly_smiling_face: I don't know which would be the preferred behaviour for that, but as it doesn't break anything it'd more of a #ux issue

I would have to defer to @mcwumbly to find out if that's something on the radar already?


I don't think this is on our radar at the moment. A #ux topic to track that would be nice!


Should I open it? @mcwumbly


Yeah, that'd be great. You can drop the link back here afterwards if you want to share it with everyone else in this channel.


I would expect the keyboard to stay up, so I think that’s the correct behavior. Will see what it takes to get this sorted out on Android!


@joffreyjaffeux just pushed a fix for this here: FIX: enforces focus of composer after send by jjaffeux · Pull Request #1139 · discourse/discourse-chat · GitHub


Awesome. Do i have to rebuild ?

If you’re otherwise up to date, I think you should just be able to go here to update the plugin:


Sorry for being ignorant,

but does this mean any down time for my forums? :thinking:

I don’t believe so, per this comment:

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