Configurable/new default for "Votes" sorting

Continuing the discussion from Delete Topics within a date in a specific category:

I didn’t want to sidestep the date-range-operation on topics, so here’s a different proposal we make it so the “Votes” (/latest?order=votes) view for a category not show closed topics.

I don’t know what folks expect, and therefore whether it should just be a different default (sans closed/solved topics) or configurable. Please discuss. :slight_smile:

Create a new category for “Approved Proposals” and close & move topics there after they had enough votes to pass?

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I think your change helps immensely. I do think it should be configurable though. Maybe an option to include/exclude closed topics from the sort. This would easily add a new feature to the plug-in as well as keep how it was previously in use cases someone wants closed topics to show up.

That’s interesting. I use votes for a group activity board, so having a secondary category and a manual task isn’t part of our workflow; based on “Approved Proposals” I’m guessing the plugin was made for customer-service/product feedback.

I’ll consider moving them out…