Sorting by votes

Hello, so as far as I can see there is a sort by votes for categories. The thing I am concerned about is how sorting by votes is All-time not taking weekly, daily, or anything else into account. Nor does it take if a topic is closed into account.

The main thing I’m wondering if it is possible is if we are able to sort by votes in a way that would be easier to see the hottest and newly voted on topics. As far as I can see if we get hundreds of suggestions and a highly voted on the topic was approved and then closed. It will still show up at the top of the sorting by votes because it got the most.

is there any way to go around this? As far as I can see voting is only represented by cumulative and its hard to sift through topics that are new and highly voted on.


I certainly support some change here for people heavily using the plugin. Maybe a sort by votes this month.


I would love this :smile: