Configure an app token for Instagram oneboxes

I think that’s what happened to me too, I don’t know what to do

Doesn’t it incorporate?

Well, I did everything or what does this post send, but the links do not incorporate!

In my forum and here

I would like to be able to see instagram and tik toks videos and photos on my forum.
Does anyone know how i can do that. i am also willing to pay for it.

Explain us how you use this permission or this feature
The instagram_graph_user_profile permission makes it possible for your app to read the user’s user profile from it. This permission must be used to read fields in an Instagram user profile (for example, the user ID or account type). You can use this permission to read the “User” node (representing the Instagram user) and its perimeters. You may also use this permission to request insights and analytics for advertising, marketing or enhancement of your application using non-identifying or anonymized aggregate data (provided that such data cannot be de-anonymized).

Facebook asks me to record a video.

Is this broken for Instagram embeds? It was working before and sometime in the last couple of days Instagram links no longer embed.

I can’t see the oEmbed app. Instead there is ‘Instagram Basic Display’.

Is this the same thing? My app in Facebook is temporarily suspended (long story), so I can’t muck about with it to find out at the moment.


I note this from oEmbed Read - Graph API - Documentation - Meta for Developers

My embedding has broken again. Will check my developer console to see if it’s anything obvious (even if it is, I might miss it!)

Well, I didn’t miss it!:

I have no idea whether this would fix the broken embeds but I went through the steps anyway.

I AM over the 11 January 2024 deadline so hope it will still be ok.

The steps were fairly simple, just about 4 checkboxes I had to tick to confirm compliance with various matters (that I’d confirmed in the past, and since nothing on my site had changed I believe it should all be fine).

Now I just got to wait a day or two for confirmation.

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