Facebook oEmbed warning

The oEmbed product has been replaced with the oEmbed Read feature. If you implemented the oEmbed product before June 8, 2021, you have until September 7, 2021 to complete App Review for the oEmbed Read feature. If you have not been approved for the oEmbed Read feature by September 7, 2021, your oEmbed implementations will fail to load.


I’ve had this, and completed the App Review and been approved without fuss before.

I think I added the oEmbed mainly for Instagram one-boxing, but in some respects I don’t think it was worthwhile as the images seem to have a very short lifespan and break after a week or so (until the HTML is rebuilt… for another week or so at least).


I can’t make sense of the UI for submitting the app for review.

On June 8, 2021, we announced v11.0 of the Graph API and Marketing APIs. With this update, there are new requirements to be able to access oEmbed APIs . Your app … currently accesses the oEmbed APIs and might be affected by these changes.

To continue accessing the oEmbed APIs, you will have to submit your app for review by September 20, 2021 . If you want to request new access to the oEmbed APIs, you will also need to submit your app(s) for review.

To learn more, please review the updated requirements. If your app hasn’t been reviewed for the oEmbed API feature by September 29, 2021, your app will lose access to this feature. To avoid disruption to your app’s oEmbed access, please submit for App Review as soon as possible.

Same here, I’m absolutely stumped

I just got an alert

Permission revoked for creating a negative user experience in violation of our Platform Policies.
In working to create a great Platform experience for everyone, we ask developers to ensure the apps they build comply with our Platform Terms. Your app does not comply with the following:
Platform Terms: 3.b.i-iii
Since we’re striving to improve the Platform experience, your app’s ability to access the following has been revoked:

Oembed Read

If you believe the permission(s) has/have been incorrectly revoked, you can reapply for the permission(s) from the developer dashboard.
Facebook Developer Operations Team

A user on my site says Instagram oneboxing no longer works. This was reported 16 hours ago, before the big Facebook / Instagram outage.

you need a facebook app access token:


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