Configure Facebook login for Discourse

During their annual check-up, Facebook can’t load my Discourse. They are stuck on the loading screen.
The forum works well on my side and there are connected users.


I told them to try again, and they again told me that they couldn’t load the page.

So, they…

kindly ask that you provide us with screencast that also includes the following items:

  1. Your app name, app ID and app icon.

  2. Your complete Facebook Login flow (if you’ve implemented Facebook Login, show an app user locating the Facebook Login button).

  3. Your app’s account creation and login flow, if your app users can create accounts and log into your app without using Facebook Login.

  4. For each permission that your app has access to, show an app user accessing data that requires the permission, as well as what your app does with that data.

  5. A Facebook Login flow that shows what happens when an app user denies a permission that your app asks for.

  6. The location of your privacy policy in your app. Click the link to your privacy policy to show your policy’s content.

  7. Content inside your app.

  8. Social plugins, if any, and how they are being used. For example, liking or following Pages, sharing content on Facebook or inviting or tagging friends. If your app is available on different platforms (Connect, iOS, Android, Canvas…), please make sure to show all of the information above for the platforms listed.

Meta is so difficult to work with that I might simply remove all their features from my forum(s), which are Facebook logins and Instagram (a bit wonky) embedded iframes (I miss the old oneboxes).
I can’t even have previews of Facebook links posted inside topics (maybe because of this non-resolvable thing).

I’m not sure these features are worth bothering.

Edit: a friend who administrates a Discourse forum received the same email from Facebook and wondered how many of their users actually had a linked Facebook account.

You can use these query in data explorer to get the number of users that posted at least once during the last year from now and that have a linked Facebook account:

SELECT count(*)
FROM users
LEFT JOIN user_associated_accounts ON user_id =
WHERE last_posted_at > now() - '1 year'::interval
AND provider_name = 'facebook'

If you want to compare with all users:

SELECT count(*)
FROM users
WHERE last_posted_at > now() - '1 year'::interval

From my forum, 411 users posted at least once in the last year, and 30 of them have a linked Facebook account. That doesn’t mean that they use it though.

Edit: it’s done, I’ve disabled Facebook features from my forums. I thought maybe it was a loss, but announcing it gave me a lot of likes :laughing:. It seems that my communities aren’t particularly fond of Facebook after all…