Login with facebook restricted

Today login with facebook on my forum is restricted by facebook team.
There is an issue with app compliance and I am unable to resolve this issue.
It is required to use a clearly branded login button using the official Facebook SDK.
I think facebook wants from us to show a button having Continue with Facebook instead of f with Facebook on login page.
please help.
Following is the screenshot of the issue in app.

All users having an account with Facebook are also restricted.


Is it a new forum or do you added the Facebook login feature recently? It is working fine on try.

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It is an old forum and facebook login was added for 1 year ago. But it is restricted today.

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There s another similar report in the past six months (can’t find it now on my phone). I think it was a new site. It’s probably worth figuring out how to use their logo or contacting Facebook to see what their deal is.

I looked at their guidelines and I suspect the issue here is mainly the logo and less about the text — the free-floating f is incorrect according to their guidelines and we should always be using the version in the box.


I’ve updated it here:



Unable to understand how to use this in discourse login box?
please help

You just need to upgrade to the latest version of Discourse.


Hi @awesomerobot. I stay regularly up to date with the latest Discourse version (and I’m currently seeing your change on my instance SE26.life), but I just got a warning from Facebook:

The only guideline I can see that might be broken is the “clear space” guideline:

Might also be the phrase used: “with Facebook” (although it makes total sense in the context of the Discourse login box)

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Oy, I was already planning on doing another pass for all the included social logins today so I’m definitely going to take a closer look at this.

There’s also this guideline

If you’re using Facebook Login to enable account creation and login, recommended labels are “Continue with Facebook” or “Login with Facebook”.

They say “recommend” here, but I’m starting to think they’re taking issue with this too.


Turns out the blue we were using was the old Facebook blue. So it may have just been that (wish they’d be more specific). I’ve made some updates where applicable to other brands as well.


I also made a couple of tweaks (text -> “Login with Facebook” and increased the space around their logo on the button). I let FB know, and just got an email to say they consider the matter “fixed”


Pretty sure they just wanted their logo and logo colors to be correct, which they were not, and that is a reasonable request.


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