Configure tag color

My discourse is small enough that i do not need categories.

I do however use tags, and I think it would be quite cool if tags could be colored – the way categories are.

What i mean by this is the actual tag style (bullet or box) could receive a different color.

Is this something that you could take into consideration?


Check this out:


That’s nice to see!

I am curious though if the team is considering to add (at least the colors) in core.

I hope so, until then with that CSS you can select a custom color and icon for any tag.


But this raises a new problem:

Since i have multiple themes, i would like to have a common “theme component” which contains all the tag colors and nothing else (basically the tag colors to be the same for all the themes) and to add this component to all my themes. Kinda like how Hamburger theme selector works.

Well right now I don’t see how i can do that.

If i create a new theme, it asks me for a color scheme and i cannot select none.
Secondly i cannot create a color scheme with transparent stuff to add to my common theme.

Is there any way to accomplish this (being able to create a theme component w/o having to actually copy the custom css to all my themes?

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Sure, theme components added to a theme will use that theme’s color scheme and ignore their own.

What this means is you can:

  1. Create a theme
  2. Add your customisations to it.
  3. Add it to as a theme component to all your active themes you want to use it on.
  4. Magic.

That way, the theme component (tag colors in your case) will be active on all the themes you added it to without needing to copy the css to all the themes.



So this was my problem: after I create a theme (normal theme), it doesn’t matter what color scheme I chose, because when i add it as a component, the color scheme will be ignored (magic) and only the custom css is applied.

Got it now, thanks!