Hamburger Theme Selector

:warning: This theme component currently only works with the Legacy sidebar setting, which is going to be discontinued.
Please see Sidebar theme toggle as an alternative.

:discourse2: Summary Hamburger Theme Selector adds a theme selector in the hamburger menu provided there is more than 1 user selectable theme. This selector works with both logged-on users and anonymous users.
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:open_book: New to Discourse Themes? Beginner’s guide to using Discourse Themes

Install this theme component


There should be some title or heading(Like Categories in the hamburger)to inform n00bie users that this is the list of user selectible themes.


Feel free to form my theme and try it out, not sure about this suggestion cause there is nowhere to link that text. “Categories” actually links to the categories page.

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Did it break with one of the recent Discourse updates? The menu items still show, but clicking on them doesn’t do anything…

I was thinking of some seperate button (light switch?) or something to make it even easier to switch, something like this:

Would that be easy to accomplish?


It sure did, and I just fixed it.

The light switch is doable but would require hardcoded theme keys so its not that easy to share.


Edited to not bother Sam, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hey iceman, you can just copy the HTML from the HTML file on the git and add it to the theme HTML :upside_down_face:

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Thanks a lot, don’t know why I totally forgot about the process… sorry for the inconvenience and my n00bness.

Thanks again.

Hey, we’re all here to learn and help, that’s the purpose of this site! :call_me_hand:t3: Glad you got it sorted!


I added this component and it works well when logged in but when not logged in it refreshes the page without applying the chosen theme. Thought?

There is no concept of per-user theming without being logged in, since there is no user in the anonymous case. So the bug is that it should only show up for logged in users.

OK, that make sense.

This text might need changing then:

Hmm yeah I have no idea how this would work with anon users, @sam will have to answer that. Maybe he had some weirdo cookie hack in before for site-wide themes or something.

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It should work with anon I just need to fiddle with it a bit, the cookie keeps track of the theme


A 4 letter regression in core is now fixed :wink:

Will deploy republic later today @Sean_R


The selector still only works with logged in users… Is it still broken or am I doing something wrong?

Great catch, this is fixed now in latest, it was a bug in core. I will backport it to stable.


Hi All,

I’m being stupid, I’ve added this via the template upload function and it appears in the list but it’s not working.

Please help, i’m being special.


After you import the Hamburger Theme Selector you need to add the Hamburger Theme Selector as a Theme Component.


Hi guys!

Our themes do not appear in the hamburger menu, so the users (and the admin aswell) cannot switch between themes. What could be wrong?