Configuring a CDN - massive rebake coming up?

Continuing the discussion from Disable CDN causes old images with CDN URL can not be shown:

@zogstrip I may looking at a global rebake in the near future, and I have hundreds of thousands of posts. Unless CloudFlare fixes their stuff, I may be switching to KeyCDN or similar.

What does this low cpu method do, and how slow it actually is?

They’ll be rebaked in batches of 500 posts every hour or so instead of rebaking them all as fast as possible :wink:


Okay, so we are looking at a month of throttled rebaking :smiley:

Then again, that is not so critical for Amazon S3 URLs, since the bucket URL will resolve ok, and rebaking would quietly replace the URLs to CDN version over time.

  • Can one run this process in the background, start it and forget it?
  • Most likely it is interrupted by a Discourse update and/or reboot?

Maybe its better just to rebake the posts that match Amazon S3 URL…

You can just run a rebake in the console, in fact, if you are making such a drastic move I would strongly recommend you do that.


One moment here… your uploads are on S3? If so then your CDN is going to do nothing to help images unless you define an S3 CDN.

Yes, if I am forced to go the CDN way, I will absolutely do that. Already tried this on a smaller community.

Now rebaking at the rate of 200+ thousand messages per hour. Site is perfectly usable while churning, so not so bad after all.