Configuring S3 (DO Space) and CDN with staging server before production

I run a modest forum that’s going to run out of storage on the server soon so I’m planning to extend the storage with a DO Space and Bunny CDN. I’ve been crawling Meta documentation and found lots of useful information about settng up S3 (compatible) storage and a CDN.

In addition to the main production Droplet I’ve created a staging server and restored a backup from the production server to it. This is my first run through setting up object storage and a CDN so I’d like to do a dry run with the staging server first. My question is, what I should do when I want to implement again with the production server? Should I remove the content from the Space storage, run the process again for the main server and restore the latest backup to the staging server at the end? I’m rying to avoid disrupting the live forum but am I creating problems by taking this approach?

Any thoughts or advice welcome.

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Once you see that your S3 bucket and cdn works, you’re pretty much in good shape.

You can do a test on the staging server, see how the migrate to S3 script works and once it’s worked on the staging setup do it again on production while it’s running.

Oh, but maybe if you configure the S3 on staging and restore the backup and its all moved to S3 that way you’re done, so if that works you could just put the old site in read only, restore to the new site and the switch to it. The tricky bit that way is that you would want the new server to have the real host name when you do the restore (or you could follow the guide about changing the host name). I think I might do it this way. Do a dry run with a test host name, then change to the real host name and copy the ssl cert as described in the move to a new server howto, and restore the backup and see if it’ll really move the uploads to S3 when you restore the backup.

Thanks Jay, That’s an interesting idea. I wonder if DO’s reserverd IP cpability would help with the switching. I’ll look in to it some more…

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Yes. Using a reserved ip for the change over works well.

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