Migrate from AWS to Digital Ocean with 2 containers, spaces and 2 CDNs

I currently host my forum at AWS and want to migrate to Digital Ocean.

At AWS I have 1 CDN setup and use local storage for all images. I want to migrate to DO and make a number of “upgrades” to the setup.

At DO I plan to setup the following:

Here is how I plan to do it.

  1. Setup everything on DO with test.example.com
  2. Ensure AWS and DO are running the same version of Discourse.
  3. Backup Discourse on AWS
    4)Update DNS and rename test.example.com to live.example.com per: Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?
  4. Restore AWS backup to new DO server.

I) Do these steps look correct?
II) When I restore the file, can I expect Discourse to upload the images to DO Spaces or will I need to run the following after restoring?

rake s3:upload_assets
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My understanding is that you’d need to manually copy all the assets in S3 to the new Spaces, because the uploads migration will not happen automagically.

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I was finally able to migrate from AWS to DO this weekend. Here were my final steps:

  1. AWS = live.example.com
  2. Setup Running DO Discourse at live2.eample.com
  3. Both AWS and DO instances were on the same version of Discourse
  4. Place live.example.com into read only and took backup from GUI
  5. SCP backup from AWS to DO server
  6. On DO, change app.yml domain name to live.example.com and then ./launcher rebuild app
  7. Then restore backup from command line on DO server: Restore a backup from command line
  8. Next update DNS to point live.example.com to DO server.
  9. At this point you have a running server.
  10. Then I followed these instructions to setup S3 Uploads: Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones)
  11. Then I followed these instructions for full site CDN: Full site CDN acceleration for Discourse

Did you, at any point, transfer your existing uploads from AWS S3 to DO Spaces?

On AWS I was hosting uploads locally, not on S3. When I brought them over to DO, I did a restore to the local disk, and then migrated to DO Spaces and stackpath CDN. I had to run an upload and rake command after to push the images to S3.

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Sorry, I misread your first post.

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