Confirm Admin Account in admin_confirmation_message email can't be clicked

I granted admin to a user and received the admin email (admin_confirmation_message) but the ‘Confirm Admin Account’ in the email is not a link/button and can’t be clicked.

It’s just plain text.


I noticed someone else mentioned this in another thread and said it was down to translations but how exactly do I fix that please?

I have found admin_confirmation_mailer.text_body_template at Customize > Text Content.

Which contains:-

Please confirm that you'd like to add **%{target_username}** as an administrator for your forum.

[Confirm Administrator Account](%{admin_confirm_url})

Is there something I need to modify with this?

Hi Geoff, I tested this locally and couldn’t reproduce it, I see a link in the email body (and clicking on it works):

Is your Discourse instance not up to date, by any chance?

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Could you confirm how this was installed?

Yes, DIscourse says it is up to date. I checked the version and it is v2.3.0.beta9 +20.

Not modified in any way and just using the ‘Grant Admin’ functionality built into that release.

Seems like %{admin_confirm_url} doesn’t seem to pick up the URL.

If it’s of any relevance, if I go to Customize > Text and search for activation.admin_confirm_url it doesn’t exist. Not sure if that is meant to and hold the URL?


Just a standard docker install as per the instructions here.

The ‘Grant Admin’ functionality is included in the default release.

Not modified further in any way.


Is it possible your mail client is stripping links? Can you try this on a different client or look at the full email output?


Wow, you were right, I logged into our G Suite (Gmail) account directly and sure enough, the link is displayed in the email as it should be.

That’s strange, no idea why it wouldn’t have come through in our ticket/email suite (we use Teamwork Desk).

Thanks for suggesting that, problem solved :smile: