Granting Admin access, emails never arrive

I am the admin of our site and I am trying to Grant Admin access to another of our staff.

When I click the “Grant Admin” button, it seems that the confirmation email is sent but when I go to the “emails Sent”, it says that the “admin_confirmation_message” has been sent to my email address, not to the email address of the person to whom I want to give access.
Also, in the user box, there is no username.

I tried this with a couple of users and the email address in the “To Address” box is always my address. and I do not get any of the emails either.

All others emails seem to be sent fine, only have problems when granting Admin access.

Can anyone help here please?

Yes, this is correct. It sends you, the forum administrator, an email asking you to confirm that you would like to add the new administrator. Visiting the Confirm Administrator Account link in that email will grant admin to the user.


If other emails are arriving from Discourse to your email address, then it should be working. Did you check your email spam folder?


@Simon_Cossar, @codinghorror,

Yes, and yes, I got confused with the functionality and all the emails were in the junk folder ,

Oh my, oh my, oh my… :roll_eyes: :flushed:


Never hurts to check :wink:

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