Bulk invites and trust level

I’ve just invited two groups of people to join our Discourse using the bulk invite tool with a .csv file. It looks like they are being successfully added to the group.

However, the group permissions are “Trust level automatically granted to members when they’re added: 2”. But the users don’t seem to be receiving trust level 2 upon accepting the invitation.

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I am unable to repro this issue locally.

@outofthebox sending you a PM now to investigate this on your site.


Wow, this was a really tricky issue to debug. It was happening only when user was setting password when accepting invite.

PR created for @neil to verify:


EDIT: PR merged.

Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice @outofthebox. The fix will be deployed on your instance soon.


Hi @techAPJ , I really admire your perseverance in tracking this down and fixing it. Thank you!


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