Feature request: "minimum trust level" setting on a group

I have a “robust” political category on my forum whose membership is controlled by a group. Members can opt in.

We’ve had problems with new members joining this group for activist purposes. I’d really prefer it was a place for established members who understand the etiquette and accept the rules.

It would be really helpful to have a new group setting where I could restrict membership to a trust level (e.g. TL2 and above). Attempts to join the group on TL0-1 would receive a helpful message explaining that the group is restricted to established members of the forum.


I have the same interest. I run a forum for a decentral grassroots organisation. So selecting group owners to then approve users is frowned upon. Of course “trust, but verify” does apply and this feature request would allow only people that proved themselves to be healthy contributers. I personally would like to set the threshold to TL1 for some groups.

It would also resolve situations as described below.

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This can be achieved by making a private category only visible to TLx+ with an invite link to the group but there is nothing stopping users from sharing that invite link.

It’s a possible workaround, but I would prefer a situation as described by the OP. That’s more consistent for users and staff.

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