Conflict with uBlock Origin and loading user profile

Strange error when I go to the Users list then click “Show Public Profile”:


The weird thing is, I have ~40 users and as far as I can tell I only get this issue for one of them.

Edit: this issue doesn’t occur in incognito, must be a browser extension blocking it…testing seems to indicate it’s this one: uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store

Apparently it has over 10,000,000 installs so now I’m curious what could be causing it to be blocked! Nothing in the user’s profile description but there are a few “top links” e.g. one to Amazon, I wonder if that may be the issue…

Adam matches “ad”.

So I guess, a too open blocking rule matches /ad*.json.

Nothing we can do about it.


Ahhaha thanks, good point, I didn’t even think of that :sob: