Confused about TL3 promotion and silencing vs suspending

So a user was spamming emojis a lot. So I silenced him. During the silence, the TL3 requirement for him said that he doesn’t meet the expectation due to being silenced. After the silence expired, it said that he never got a silence, even though he did. Can someone help?

I’m not sure. But now that we have established what the heck it is we’re talking about in this topic, I have edited the title to make it something understandable and maybe @jomaxro can check?


I can confirm that actively silenced users are not promoted to TL3. Tested on try, also reviewed the specs.


Yes, so therefore the rule is that silencing or suspending will prevent TL3 promotion.

So does that mean if the user isn’t silenced anymore, but was silenced before, they meet the TL3 expectations?

See Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

When you made that choice to silence the user, you also prevented the user from being TL3.

Actually that’s what confused me. After the user was automatically unsilenced by system, it said that he meets the TL3 expectations.