Confused by "Approve" and "Reject" in the review queue

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Am I the only person who often gets confused by the “Approve” and “Reject” buttons in the review queue? I do not get alot of flagged users and posts in my community, thank goodness, but that means that I am a bit unfamiliar with the flagging system and terminology as it was in the past and still today don’t have to interact with it very often. I also am a self-diagnosed slysdexic, for sure. As a result,when on that interface my mouse cursor or finger often hovers indecisively over the two buttons not being sure which one to choose.

I have to remember to tell myself the buttons mean:

  • Approve (keep flagged user or post)
  • Reject (delete user or post)

The buttons do NOT mean:

  • Approve (delete user or post)
  • Reject (keep user or post)

In case I am not alone in my confusion here, I’d suggest including text like the above on the button itself or at least in mouseover helper text. Perhaps there could even be a short para somewhere on the review queue page explaining how to use it, or a link to a guide here on meta that explains how moderators are expected to use the review queue.


I would put myself in the same group here. I don’t regularly interact with the flagging system, so it feels a little unfamiliar. It isn’t 100% clear what the buttons will do when you click them.

Once you click on the Agree or Delete buttons, you do get some more detailed descriptions of what will happen.

I like this idea for the disagree/ignore buttons, which do not have a dropdown.


And to make matters worse, the icons mean different things in different contexts. I’ve been bitten by this before:

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Thanks, David! I like that dropdown very much.

I guess I am looking mostly at flagged users. In this case you hit APPROVE or REJECT and the user is just instantly approved or deleted, apparently. There is no drop down, and I also wonder what’s actually happened.

If I hit REJECT, does it just delete the user or does it also block the email and IP as I can choose on the user admin screen?



I feel like the drop down on flags is fairly clear (although if anyone has a suggestion for making them more clear I would be interested in hearing what you have to say.)

For reviewing users, I’m wondering if it makes sense to change from:

:+1: Approve :-1: Reject


:heavy_check_mark: Grant Access :x: Delete User…

Where Delete User would pop up to say “Delete the User” and “Delete and block”

Would that be more clear?


Thanks, Robin! Glad to know I am not going crazy on my own and that you think changing this is a good idea.

Your new labels look good to me and are much more clear. I am also looking forward to the popup to delete the user or delete and block. :rocket:

One note - we still have “Approved” and “approved by…” in various places in the UX, like on the user admin settings. Maybe you want to make the connection clearer?


That’s a good point. I think we have to keep the word “Approve” to make sense with other terminology. Here’s what I went with:


Sweet! I just tried this to delete some spam users and it’s super clear and easy. Man, this is light years better than what we had before.

Thank you again for taking on this mondo project and always looking out for us. :rocket: