"Rejected" and "Approved" have different meanings for different kind of reviews, which is confusing

When I reviews posts, topics and flagged PMs, in the review logs at the top right of each item I see either “approved” or “rejected”. However this can be quite confusing:

  • If a posts or topic needs approval before it gets posted, approved means the post is let through, rejected means the post is not let through.
  • If a post or PM gets flagged, approved means I agreed with the flag, and action has been taken against the post or PM, rejected means I have disagreed with the flag, and have approved the post or the PM to remain posted.

In my option the words “approved” and “rejected” should not be used for flagged posts or PMs. Furthermore green should mean “everything was found to be ok” red should mean “there was indeed an issue here and a moderator intervened”.

The words should always reflect what happened to the post/topic/PM itself, rather than the flag on it.

It’s important that moderators can easily review what has happened, and if mistakes have been made. In my case I review a lot of posts a day, and mistakes do happen.


Yes, I also find this confusing.


Would switching the words to “agree” and “disagree” be enough to clarify flags?

No, because than it’s still confusing that in such cases these words speak of what happened to the flag, rather than the post/topic/PM in question, while for post approval the words approved and rejected speak about the post (there is no flag).
Just changing the words still allows a confusing difference to exist.

To make this consistent:

Maybe the words “intervened” and “nothing wrong” would make more sense.


For the record, this issue seems to have been raised before as a support topic (but without the solution I have suggested here)