Confusing behaviour with new posts


Im trying to add new post connected via the embedding function.
I would like to make some edits to the original post, but find the experience quite confusing.
Some questions:

  • Why is the post created via the embed defined as “Unlisted” and how do I change that?

  • On the post preview the image is shown, but not on the actual post, why is that?

  • As you can see in the screen recoding. I edited the post to include a picture, and some changed text. When I click “view full post” alle edits are gone, and the original post is show which is very confusing. This happens for me as admin, but also for other users.

If I am going to make this work i need to be able to edit the history of the first post so it is a clean first post, and normal community users should not see any history.



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Hi Justin,

Hiding revision History

With revision history you have two options

  1. Admin can hide any specific version. It can still be seen by a Moderator, but users don’t see it at all.

So when a typical user comes along, there’s no revision :slight_smile: :point_down:

  1. Create a new Topic – This approach is sometimes the better option if there are more than ten revisions you want to remove OR if there’s something moderators shouldn’t see(e.g. confidential information).

Embedded Topic

With the embedded Topic, one thing I’ve found, is that the info in post B does not update in post A, unless post A is modified. In the Example below, A is Main Topic and B Sub-Topic 1

Initially both topics look like this:

I now embed Sub-Topic 1 into Main Topic

Then change the contents of Sub-Topic 1

and even if I refresh the Main Topic, the original version is still in the preview

So I’m wondering if that might be an issue for you as well?

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Hey Tristan,

Thanks, that helped me a lot!
Unfortunately I have not been using embedded topics yet, so I cannot be of any help there…


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