Endless loading of post history when latest revision is hidden/inaccessible

When I click to view the edit history at this post, I only get

Is this the way it should work? At first, I thought my internet might be very slow.

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I hid the revision of the edit, so the pencil shouldn’t actually show up for that I don’t think :thinking:

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Are all the revisions hidden? This happened to me the other day. I solved it by hiding all the previous revisions, refreshed the page and the pencil disappeared. (tested with test user)

It does not show up anymore

It still happens. At the moment, for example, Daily Summary (5am UTC) - #63 by Discourse and Daily Summary (9pm UTC) - #74 by Discourse are affected. But after some time, the edit indicator disappears.

Both edit indicators have disappeared now

It does not only happen when the last revision is hidden. At Skip tips option in user tip should not delete welcome message, it happens as well. The history was broken after the first edit, and it is still broken even though I edited the post afterwards.