Confusing, not always accurate notification "By mentioning x, you are about to notify y people"

In our community we rely on group mentioning to make sure people are properly notified about topics they need to know about. Unfortunately, the yellow pop up notification “By mentioning x, you are about to notify y people” is not always accurate. If anyone in the mentioned group does not have access to the category the topic is being posted in, they will not be notified.

Some ideas that might help fix this confusing UI:

  • update the yellow popup message for private categories so it reads something like “You mention x, containing y people. Those with access to y category will be notified of your post.”
  • indicate somewhere in the post editor the groups who have access if it’s not a public category

If a fix isn’t found, I’d prefer to not show this notification at all to avoid the confusion. This is already the behavior for private messages. Could showing it be an admin setting?

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Why bother mentioning a group if they can’t see the mention? What is the purpose of a mention at that point? Why not just say “everyone in the astronauts group…” instead of @astronauts …?

For the same reason we mention categories and tags. It’s very handy to refer to groups and members, even in private messaging and in categories.

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I suggest you edit the copy to your tastes via Admin, Customize, Text.