Incorrect "some not allowed" warning on private message mention


  • We have a group @support and a group @development_team
  • The members of the development team are a subset of the support group, i.e. all 3 members of the development team are member of the support group as well.
  • I’m in the group inbox for @support
  • I mention @development_team
  • I get a warning

  • (Note that the development team group only has three members)


  • I don’t get a warning

Proposed fix:

  • If the notified count equals the amount of members in the group, the warning will be suppressed.

(Unrelated, I know that personal messages are not called private messages for a (good) reason, but I don’t think that “personal message” is a correct term for a group inbox message)


I think I’m seeing a similar thing in our group inboxes too. I think I’ve become a bit blind to the actual text of the notify message, so I’m not sure when it swopped to this version.