Who gets notified when you reply to a topic that contains an @mention?

I posted a topic in our Announcements category. A few groups are automatically watching the first post of that category, but every once in awhile I want everyone to receive something. This was one of those cases, so I mentioned @trust_level_0. I’ve done this before and it works fine.

Unusually, in this case, I had to reply to the original announcement. (This was the only reply.) I neither wanted, nor expected everyone to receive a notification about this post. I only wanted to add some information to the topic for those looking for it later.

However, 25 users received an email notification about my reply. It looked like this the Emails > Sent screen in the control panel:

Why did this happen? And what can I do to prevent it from happening in the future?

(P.S. Discuss the question I am asking, not whether sending a notification to all members is a good idea. That’s another discussion.)

See max users notified per group mention site setting.


Also, if people saw the post because they were online, they’ll get a notification on the browser, but not an email (unless they have turned on the email-me-harder setting in their own preferences).


Could some of those users be watching the category/topic, not just the first post?

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Neither of the two settings mentioned by Jay are affecting the results, but Joshua’s response is spot on!

Apparently, some people are watching that category. I sure hope that was their choice and not one of those experiments I ran with category watching :flushed:

It always surprises me when people use features :smiley: