Connecting Discourse invites to Marketo emails

Hello, does anybody have experience with connecting Marketo to the invite admin functions of Discourse? What I’d like to do is use a Marketo form fill that collects potential users info, generates an email that contains the Discourse community invite link, and then sends that to the potential user.


I don’t know what marketo brings to the party. Why not just use discourse’s create account form and some custom fields?

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Hah. Yes, well, unfortunately, my company insists they collect some info on community members.via Marketo. If there is a way to do that and import into Marketo using just Discourse, awesome. Alas, it’s the rock my boat is dashed on, beyond my control.

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Oh. Marketing people.

Well, you can look at the webhooks and api stuff each has and go from there. Or maybe you have people logging in to some system already and can use DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso)?

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I can’t think of a straightforward approach to use this exact approach. An alternative might be to use the normal Discourse invite process (or username/password registration) to add users to the site. You could then configure a Discourse User Event webhook to point to a service that creates a record for new users on Marketo. I suspect that this could be accomplished by pointing the webhook to Zapier and then using their Marketo integration to create the new record.