Connecting / showing posts in separate forums

I am wondering if there is a way to connect or show posts in two separate forums.

Here is my explanation. We have a business partner who is also using a discourse forum. While we have separate forums with a separate user bases there are times in which we have questions on our fourm that cross over and it would be helpful to show on both forums.

I am just wondering if there is a way when a question or conversation comes up on our forum which is suited for our partner to answer if there is a way to tag them which not only would allow them to answer but would allow them to show it on their forum as well? Currently the only way I see is to tag the user name of the person we have and they answer on our forum. This is great but I think the information could be great for both our communities.

I apologize if this covered in another post but I was unable to find terms that seemed to address this questions.

Thank You


Iā€™m not aware of any existing way of mentioning a user on another forum in a way that would trigger a notification on the other forum. For your case, do both Discourse sites use the same identity provider? If so, there might be a way to trigger a notification on the second forum via the Discourse API.

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You could achieve this (at least in part) by using a Zapier integration, regardless of user ID or login-required status. But it will be a bit of work to setup.

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