Consequences of warnings, Silencing, and Suspensions

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Can someone point me to the relevant sections of documentation that describe the consequences of warnings, silencing, and suspension that are built into the processing - for example the granting of TL3 depends on no silencing or suspensions in 180 previous days

Does it also cause a demotion? If already TL3
Where are details of what other consequences apply?

If the disciplined user makes an appeal to a higher authority who upholds their actions where in good faith and the moderation was wrong where is it documented what actions are needed to expunge The incorrect use of a warn, silence or suspend ?
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Discourse Moderation Guide. Can be changed to suit your forum of course and I would encourage this.

There is some info in this topic, including some helpful posts from @simon about the related default settings that can be overridden:

I would think that the consequences are forum-specific. My hosted forum that I am admin of has an explicit Code of Conduct that was written by forum staff and I also re-wrote their Moderation Guide to suit the forum specifically.


It looks like I missed something in this post: Let's talk Moderation - #2 by simon. Previous suspensions actually do affect tl3 promotions. It’s odd how the requirements listed here are calculated twice in the promotion process:

First in the tl3 promotion job, then again from the call to review_tl2. That method calculates the tl3 requirements again, this time taking penalty counts for silencing and suspensions into account:

This is kind of significant, because suspensions are often used as a way of temporarily revoking access to a site in a way that is not intended to penalize users, for example, users are suspended when a paid membership on an external application has expired.

Edit: it looks like if a user is suspended, then unsuspended by a user who is not the system user, the penalty count is removed: This means that if a user is accidentally suspended, then unsuspended by a human user, there won’t be a penalty count. It also means that for the case where users are being suspended “forever” as a means of removing access to the site when an external subscription has expired, there won’t be a penalty count when they are unsuspended, as long as the unsuspension is not performed by the system user.

This logic makes sense, but maybe it could be made explicit somewhere. It’s fairly common to suspend and unsuspend users via the API. I didn’t know until now that it was significant whether or not the action was performed by the system user.

The same logic is used for penalty counts for silencing a user.


Thanx both.
The reading sure stacks up!

I’ve had the mod guide in the started not finished pile for a while - I’ve bookmarked it now… Tomorrow’s focus. :slight_smile:
Then the Dark Wizards / Simon’s Topic/posts