Contabo Hosting Provider Price Consideration

At the risk of opening yet another topic about comparing hosting providers… :sweat_smile:

I’ve seen recent news that Contabo, which I’ve seen mentioned a few places on this forum as a potential hosting provider, has opened a new data center in St. Louis MO, USA earlier this month (April 2020), which i think may make them a viable solution for US based self-hosters.

I went through the set up but didn’t buy and found this configuration for ~$6/month

**Your configuration:**
CPU: two cores,
4 GB RAM (guaranteed),
300 GB disk space (SSD-boosted), SSD boost, UNLIMITED traffic !,
100 Mbit/s port
No restrictions, no throttling, DDoS protection ([details](, Live support every day, 365 days a year via e-mail and telephone, Root access, Reboot web interface, OS reinstall console, VNC access, 1 IP address included, /64 IPv6 network included.

In terms of raw numbers of cores & memory it seems to blow Digital Ocean out of the water for the same price. I’ve used DO in the past for a few forums and haven’t ever had enough users to warrant going past the $5/month option. which is 1 vCPU & 1GB RAM.

However, the specs on the Contabo vps seem to be way more powerful for nearly the same monthly cost. The skeptic in me tells me I’m missing some important information about assessing the true value & this comparison on vpsbenchmark also suggests that there is more to consider than the specs listed in the configuration.

So my question(s) to yall is:
Does anything in the configuration mentioned popout to anyone as a red flag?

I was trying to find something about the 100 Mbit/s port but i dont see a similar metric mentioned on DO products.


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It should work just fine for Discourse. Go for it!


I think i will.
a couple of follow ups:

  1. does the 100 Mbit/s port mean anything in terms of discourse hosting?

  2. probably impossible to answer but ill ask anways, is this as a good of a deal as it seems with the higher RAM? like did i happen upon a goldmine (unlikely) and if not, any guesses on what tradeoffs i might be making?

they are using Intel Xeon processors but i don’t see anything about clock speed. will keep looking. thanks!

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Unless it’s a image heavy forum, with thousands of users and you plan to skip having a CDN don’t worry about it.

Regarding 2, for me it’s just normal pricing. Spin Discourse and if some problem arises you can easily move to another provider.


You can benchmark by timing rebuilds. See this topic for specifics.