Best hosting for discourse?


I’m here to ask about best hosting I can host my discourse community on.
a hosting can handle 10,000 daily visits as users and price range from $20 - 25/Mo. with good storage space 50Gb gonna be good.

Please advice me.


Either www.Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) or self-host on a VPS.


Thanks for your reply, the hosting is good but the offered storage is small for my budget , any other options ?

Within that budget, you probably won’t find a better managed hosting provider, so you will most likely have to go for…


That is fine, i didn’t mention anything about managed so that is fine, as long as i have the storage i want as indicated in my post with ability to handle that amount of visitors daily.
( 10,000 visitor.).

Any ideas for VPS with these specifications?


You can start with a $20/month digital ocean droplet. You might need to bump it up to a $40 if things get slow.


Thanks Jay,

The $20 is good fits with my budget, but can this plan handle that number of visitors i mentioned ? or this depends on other factors ?

If storage is your bottleneck, you might also consider using Amazon S3 storage to complement a VPS with less storage. Discourse cones with built in support for storing user uploads on S3.


You could check out :

They have awesome performance, good support.

Only Downside: No DDoS Protection, YET (Its on the roadmap)

Or in germany:

^^Dont know details about them though, but WITH DDoS Protection.

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That is clear enough, do you have any ideas about scaleway ?
they have:
8 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
16GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk

I’m good with the storage, but can these computing resources handle the 10,000 visits everyday ?


i will have look on these, Thanks A lot.

Uhm, what?? They are offering 4 Cores, 12 GB RAM (sic!) and 300GB SSD storage for 9 EUR per month?? Sounds too good to be true, TBH.

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I heard that yesterday already but its true :slight_smile:

Are you using one of their plans? If so, please report your experience (perhaps start a new topic, like there is one for other providers).

I dont have one of their plans but i know someone on Discord who has their 8 bucks a month plan.

He never had severe issues once a downtime that was critical and unplanned which he got informed about right after it happened.

@tophee please tell me if those computing resources are able to handle the 10,000 visits everyday from scaleway.

8 Dedicated x86 64bit Cores
16GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk


I am unable to answer this question but there are plenty of topics discussing similar questions. Try


Thanks A lot, i will check that.

www.Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) → Great service, very responsive, highly recommend. If you are concerned about specifics, you should reach out to them. They will probably be able to help or provide guidance.


Mine :


KVM OpenStack
2 vCores
2,4 GHz
8 Go RAM
SSD 40 Go
Local Raid 10
~15 € HT/month