Your thoughts on Contabo VPS

What you think about Germany based VPS Contabo?

I’m just exploring good VPS solutions and their prices looks unbeatable if we consider feedback they have.

4 vCores, 8 GB RAM & 200 GB SSD for just €4.99

Do any of you used the service, if so was there big issues?

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I am a Contabo customer for the last 3 years. I personally have 2 VPSs from them where I host numerous personal projects and a discourse forum and I administer another one, for the company I work at.

As of now we had almost no downtime (for 3 VPS we had 3 scheduled maintenances that required downtime in 3 years) and we never had any unscheduled issues.

Their support is almost instantaneous, although we have only needed it to use it once to ask something.

In general, they offer exactly what they advertise, and the prices are very-very-very good. I would recommend!


I’ve been using them for a few years, including for two Discourse instances, and have been pleased. They don’t spin up a VPS as quickly as DO, but that’s never been a problem for me.


Hello @danb35

I just get an Contabo VPS. My need is only so far to install Discourse. Is there any recommendation to follow to install discourse in addition to the standard installation guide: discourse/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub
Port to open like 443 port ? Or it is already opened ? Nginx to configure manually ?
Thanks in advance.

Bearing in mind that my post is two years old, I didn’t have to do anything special. Unlike some of the big providers like Amazon AWS and Oracle, Contabo doesn’t implement a firewall for you, so you don’t need to take any particular action to open ports or anything else.

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