Content Lockers - using pop-ups


Locker pop-ups to increase user engagement.

Social Locker

Guest Locker


Great idea and nice implementation !

  • Could we have the option to remove the Wait until 0 seconds label from the bottom of Sign Up and Log In forms as below ?

It should be removed. Maybe a recent bug. I will check it.


@vinothkannans Does not work on Discourse 1.8. Does it work only on the latest version of Discourse?

I didn’t tested it with Discourse 1.8 yet. It may have some ember issues.

Is it possible to edit the popup text?

It doesn’t work on v1.9, is there any chances for an update?
Thank you!

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It is working for me. Did you enabled it in site settings? Are you receiving any error in the browser console?

The plugin works on Discourse 2.0 beta6, but somehow I couldn’t get OAuth via Facebook or Google works. The Login with Facebook / Google buttons don’t open new popups like the usual login window. Do I miss anything or is it a plugin’s bug?
You can take a look at my site

It looks like js code strategy for social account logins are changed. I welcome PRs from community to fix this issue.

Has this been fixed please ?
Is it difficult to fix ?

Hello @vinothkannans i am just curious to know if it is working with the latest discourse as i see the commits on the plugin are 1 year old approx.

I moved this to #plugin:broken-plugin category since it’s not in active development. I can confirm the social login buttons in the locker pop-ups are not working.