Context-sensitive topic templates

We have a community of product. I.e. largely Q&A.

In response to a new topic/question, I just pulled up a response template, edited (deleted) for context and posted.

At the risk of asking for Clippy (“It looks like you’re asking about X. Make sure you provide…”) it strikes me that if I were able to tie that topic template to the tags the user applied and show it as the help text while he was composing his quesiton, it might be helpful in getting the necessary background from users with fewer back-and-forth cycles.

I recognize that this is not a small feature & don’t expect to see it tomorrow. Next week is fine. :rofl:

More seriously, I know this is a big one, so it’s just food for thought.


We are currently working on a feature for form-like contextual (per category at first) topic templates, stay tuned :wink: