Conversation mode (treeview)


Is there a solution to display the forum in conversation mode like in outlook for example?

It quickly becomes complicated to follow a discussion with lots of branches like in a tree.
Some discussion threads have hundreds or even thousands of posts.


No, that’s not how Discourse works.


I’m an old guy who knew usenet in its early days and IRC ;o)

In flat mode it is unreadable and in the end, few people read when it exceeds ten messages (except the people concerned) Too bad for the others.

The conversation mode, like Usenet, allows you to have a correct view of the entire discussion with the “disgressions”

Nothing prevents you from having flat and conversation mode. Everyone makes their choice

The only argument I understand is the size of the screen on a smartphone. But here, I think that the solution exists in other types of software

I stop here. I have the answer (old->2012). Thank you for pointing that out to me


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Part of the Discourse way is to have active Moderation, to move branches into their own Topics.