Why comments are not organized?

Guys, Discourse is such a good forum and I personally like it but one thing that I don’t like, is comments. If comments would be organized like quora,instagram,facebook or any other social platform I think this is going to be a massive hit. What do you think?

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Have you read this?


I’m glad Discourse has a classic forum structure with posts in chronological order in their topics.

I cannot understand the likes of Reddit, Facebook, etc.

I am not a social network user so maybe it’s why, but I feel that anyone can understand a classic forum topic, it’s like opening a newspaper and read.


If there is ever a discussion on Facebook that I’m tempted to read, I never can because it takes 2 clicks per post and then incomprehensible going back to see the next thing. If that’s what you want, you should stick with Facebook. :wink:


Thanks for your suggestion and I appreciate it…I will surely stick with them…Any other suggestions?

Discourse has a greater focus on Moderation.

If a Topic is going ‘off-topic’ then the Moderator has the discretion to take those Posts and create a new Topic with a new, more appropriate Title.

Dividing the discussion like this into Topics improves the structure and future readability no end.

Perhaps the instance you are using needs more active Moderation?

In addition, this is a virtuous circle: as regular Users get used to this paradigm, they tend to understand they should consider creating new Topics instead of going off-Topic so much.

I tend to find the quality of interaction on “public, monolithic platforms” like Facebook, Twitter and the like is of low quality and there is rarely any active Moderation. I’ve always said this, but the branching, nested, click-to-expand nature of Reddit is extremely awkward, opaque and unfriendly. Very easy to lose context and your place!

A good Discourse instance is where both the Mods and the Users invest in the discussions and consider their actions more deeply. Then traversing that instance can be a joy.


In my opinion, the threaded format is great in cases where the discussion is secondary, like on Youtube, in which the video is the main content, and then you might want to see some comments that are more relevant to the video (normally, the ones with more likes), and then you can expand the replies to this comment if you wish to. In this case you most probably will see the comments only once, so there isn’t a need for them to be ordered.

In reddit with infinite nesting and redirects to another page, it’s a bit overwhelming and a bad UX in my opinion.

For forums in which the discussion is a 1st class citizen, I find the way discourse works to be the best. It’s great to watch a topic and then continue some time later from where you stopped.


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