Copy link button not responding

Hi everyone,

Since the last update I have some issues going on in my Disourse, so I wanted to share in case these haven’t been detected yet, maybe others are also experiencing something similar…

  1. When pressing the copy link button it says “Link copied” but it doesn’t copy it.


The only possible way to link something from the community right now is copying the URL directly :confused:

  1. Some users can’t manage to change their profile image… Or they manage to change it but next time they access the community it’s back to the previous. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any help and I hope it is also useful for improving this amazing tool :+1:

PS. This is my current version:

Hello! I have the same problem on my site, I had to temporarily remove CopyLink and use Share via post menu instead.


Thanks for the reports! Please can you let us know which browser(s) you’re using?


Sure. Google Chrome.

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Thanks! I totally forgot I can edit that :slight_smile:


Does it work for you here on Meta?

Yes, it does…

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Ok, thanks for checking!

I had a look through our change history, and it looks like there was a temporary bug with this feature last week. If you updated your site during that time period, then that would explain the issue. It was fixed in this commit a couple of days ago.

So if you update your site to the latest tests-passed version, things should start working again. Let us know if not!


Awesome @david, it worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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