Correct error message for tags that require parent tag

Our settings require that “equity-centered” be used in order to use “accessibility”.

Caption: Screenshot of tag group settings showing this requirement.

However, the error message I get when I try to add “accessibility” without its parent tag reads: “accessibility” cannot be used in this category.

Caption: Screenshot of error message.

I propose that the error message read something like: “accessibility” must be used with its parent tag “equity-centered” until, even better, tagging with “accessibility” automatically tags with its parent tag.

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I think it’s generally a bad idea to have rules this specific and strict in a discussion community. It becomes very difficult for users to navigate the maze that results.

I can see the argument for that, which is why I propose that tagging with the child tag automatically tags with the parent one. This removes the burden on the user while still providing the helpful information that comes from having parent tags. It’s the same concept behind why we have categories and subcategories.