Tagging with child tag automatically tags with parent tag

Right now we have the option of saying that a parent tag must be present in order for a child tag to be used.

I’m looking for the opposite direction, where tagging with a child tag automatically tags it with the parent tag as well.

For example, right now we have a tag called “community-led”. Within “community-led”, we’d like people to be able to add more specificity: “family-led”, “youth-led”, “educator-led”. In terms of userflow, it would make the most sense to FIRST tag with something like “youth-led” then have it linked automatically to “community-led”.

It’s similar to how posting in a sub-category automatically adds the topic to the parent category as well.


No such feature is currently planned.

Should I move this to the feature category? I’m not sure where you put ideas that aren’t on the roadmap.

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