Cosmetic issue: Embed block leads to duplicate in discourse

Hey guys

Whenever there is an embed block (in this case a link to another post) in a blog post, it’s printed twice in the forum version:

  1. regular text link in a div > blockquote > p - which is not desired behaviour :x:
  2. as an iframe as embed - which is desired behaviour :white_check_mark:

How can we remove the text link above the embed?

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Hey @jrgong,

The two links are there in the original HTML of the Wordpress post from your screenshot (the first one is just hidden).

This one will need to be fixed on the Wordpress side in your editor. Discourse is just displaying what HTML is received from Wordpress.

You can do this using the wp_discourse_excerpt filter. See the examples here: WP Discourse Plugin Tips and Tricks


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