Cosmetic problem with invites screen in Brave

I just invited a bunch of addresses to Discourse, and now I have a weird scrolling effect with the Pending and Redeemed options. Making the window larger has no effect. This is in the current version of Brave on the Mac (Chromium engine).

It’s actually a little worse in Chrome itself, with Redeemed not showing at all (as it does in Brave, even when the scroll bar is all the way to the left).

In the current version of Safari on the Mac, expanding the window resolves the problem, and even at smaller window sizes, shrinking the text size also resolves it.

Firefox seems to work much like Safari, displaying correctly except when the window is shrunk too much.

Forgot to mention, this was in 2.5.0.beta5, but it seems unchanged in b6.


Should be fixed in:

Thanks for reporting this issue @adamengst :+1:


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