Cannot click anything on discourse forums on Brave browser because of Tampermonkey

This element is on top of all discourse forums and I cannot click anything until I use “Inspect page” and delete this element manually. This happens on all discourse forums that run a recent version.

<img class="preloader-image" src="" alt="Discourse Meta">

I am running Brave on Windows 11 desktop. I’ve tried in a private tab, but the issue is NOT present there, so it must be some browser extension, but I cannot find which one.

Is there anything known that causes this issue? I’ve marked this as bug, because the issue isn’t present for older versions of discourse.


Did you log in while using a private tab? does entering safe mode via make any difference?


Can’t reproduce this on fresh install of Brave

Last time this was reported the user had a browser extension breaking the site:


The question seems to be which extention causes the issue.

What do you mean by older? Are that versions that do not have a preloader?

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Yes indeed, I’ve disabled one-by-one and it was TamperMonkey. Although there was no script running, it seemed to cause the issue. Weirdly, just disabling and enabling the extension fixed the issue.

Thank you all for the help, I hope it can help someone else running into the same issue.


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